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The Disaster Victim Identification - LED (DVI-LED) is a safe and powerful LED light source, for any crime scene, Lab, Fire or disaster location.  Able to locate and fluoresce human biological traces, teeth and bone, even in circumstances after intense heat and destruction.

Utilising powerful LED technology, this device provides switchable 445nm and 530nm wavelengths, with no component changes necessary between the wavelengths.

Technical Details:
• Dual, switchable wavelength ranges of:
    > 445nm: 435 to 455 (60% at 443nm)
    > 530nm: 515 to 539 (60% at 527nm)
• 60 high-intensity LEDs giving narrow spectrum output*
• Power output of 33mW @ 445nm and 11.2mW @ 530nm
• Weight: 4.5kg
• Size (mm): 1880 x 750 x 1330
• Cordless operation
• Battery: 25.2v/15.6Ah lithium
• Battery life: 135 minutes continuous use
• Supply Voltage: 110v-240v
• Deadmans finger


Enables specific enhancement for the detection and inspection of:
Biological stains and body fluids
Hair and Fibres
Gunshot Residue

Supplied with: protective foam lined case, 1 pair each of appropriate goggles, camera filters and charger

Warranty Period: 2 years

Picture examples of Blood and Semen found using the 445nm and 530nm Wavelengths of the DVI-LED