Our goal is to build closer partnerships between the public and private sector, to help improve the standard of forensics
                                in the Criminal Justice System.  
To help deliver these goals, every Laser and LED light source provided by CopperTree Forensics
                                has a serial number and related USB stick containing; 

                                * Quality assurance test report, indicating power and wavelength of the individual crime light purchased. 
                                * ‘How To Use Guide' which can be downloaded to maintain force records and forward to staff as part of CPD training.
                                * Safety guidance around Laser & LED                                                      

                                This support provides a full understanding of the individual light source, assisting in future testing, calibration, court process and ISO.

                                This is completely unique to CopperTree Forensics and designed to support Police Forces and Forensic Services to maintain the quality
                                and integrity of investigations.

CopperTree Forensics Lasers are classified to EU Safety Standard IEC/EN 60825-1:2014, Class 4 Laser Product – Avoid, eye or skin exposure to direct or scattered radiation
CopperTree Forensics LED’s are classified to EU safety Standard IEC/EN 62471 – 1:2009 LED Products – Ensure safety goggles are worn for the correct wavelengths