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CTF launch in Saudi Arabia
In December -23, CopperTree Forensics delivered their first show in the Middle East with a huge response. The first set of Forensic Lights are on the way for the pre-booked demos. #CopperTree Forensics. #Forensic Light Sources. #Worldwide #Lasers. #LED's
24 January 2024
Launching the TUS triple Wavelength
#ForensicEXCLUSIVE CopperTree Forensics present the TUS Class 4 Laser - with x3 wavelength options in the palm of your hand. 445nm@10w (+-0.5nm) 520nm@7w (+-0.5nm) 365nm@3w (+-5nm) A truly ground breaking light source
28 November 2022
DB Ultra Plus Laser
The DB Ultra+ is now available in 445nm @9w and 520nm @7w
23 May 2022
Fire Science
CopperTree Forensics delivers  the Forensic Investigation Torch range as part of a forensic fire investigation presentation.  LOCATION - The Fire Service College  EVENT - British Association of Forensic Ondontology (BAFO) SPRING Conference
13 May 2022
Science of Cleaning
The Science of Cleaning Lorraine Davis Director of Mitie Cleaning & Hygiene Services showcases the CiFi Torch. To see this ground breaking innovation from CopperTree Forensics , book your visit to the Mitie Hygiene & Cleaning Centre of Excellence TODAY
04 May 2022
CARE HOMES 22 BEYOND COVID Metis Health present the ground breaking CiFi Torch (Cleaning Inspection Forensic Investigation Torch) “Fighting the battle against Covid - 19 and any future virus or bacterial threats will require comprehensive strategies",
04 May 2022
Forensic Market Leader
The kit that CopperTree Forensics provide, is an essential element of scene (and Lab) work. It’s incredible what could be potentially missed without this kit. Kevin Kershaw Forensic Consultant * Previously Head of Forensic Identification Services (Greater Manchester Police)
13 April 2022
2022 - Conference in California
CopperTree Forensics are very excited to be a part of the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF CRIMINALISTS 2022 Conference. Delivered by our partner CrimeSciences Inc and president Paul Couture
13 April 2022
Smartwater Technology
SmartWater Group  The first person in the UK has been convicted and jailed for domestic abuse after being sprayed with SmartWater - a forensic liquid which shows up under ultraviolet light. The technology is being trialled by police forces in the hope of keeping woman safe.
18 February 2022
Human trafficking
The Project Initiative - Pray As Children CopperTree Forensics are a technology partner for the Project Initiative - Pray As Children. Response Enhancement & Capacity Building Project Against Human Trafficking A Collaborative Training Project by Prayas JAC and British Deputy High Commission
10 November 2021
The CiFi Torch
The Cleaning Show For a live demonstration of the CiFi Torch, visit Stand F26 Mitie Cleaning & Hygiene Services #Cleaning #Hygiene #InfectionControl
03 November 2021
The science of cleaning
Join us at the Healthcare Facilities Management Conference 2021 Knowlex (Knowledge Exchange)
05 October 2021
CPD Accredited Class 4 Laser Training
EMSOU Forensic Laboratory -  Succesful staff are pictured receiving their certifications, in the safe use of class 4 laser in crime scene and Lab environments.   
12 July 2021
16 June 2021
Click and Go Crime Scene Torch
CopperTree Forensics Design and manufacture LASER & LED light sources. Supporting Forensic Investigation and infection control worldwide.
07 May 2021
UV Forensic Investigation Torch
Oil & Gas Do you need support to detect thermal damage to susceptible surfaces / materials found at explosion scenes, following the propagation of a high temperature flame front? 
22 March 2021
Warwickshire Police
Forces agree £2m forensics collaboration deal Warwickshire Police has agreed a £2 million a year deal with West Midlands Police to provide it with forensic services.
21 March 2021
Infection Control
From CrimeScene to Infection Control Solution The CiFi Torch plays a crucial role for specialist cleaning companies like Total Trauma Cleaning, Facility Management giants like MITIE and across the NHS.
09 March 2021
The FIT Range
The F.I.T range of lights supports a new breed of CSI’s to deliver a higher standard of cleaning. 
08 March 2021
Scottish Police Authority
The threat of Covid-19 presents hazards to all key workers – but arguably none are more aware of the dangers of cross contamination than those whose job it is to detect it. @SPA_Forensics
08 March 2021
The FIT White Light
This torch emits a peerless clean and even emission.  Providing absolute clarity for needle sweeps / drug / hazardous material searches.”
08 March 2021
War Medal Investigation
UPDATE An investigation of stolen War Medals, some dating back to the Battle of Waterloo, has had a significant breakthrough. CopperTree Forensics were approached to supply the White Forensic Investigation Torch, to provide clarity not available in other white lights.
08 December 2020
NHS Staff keep safe
The CopperTree Forensics WorkSAFE Stations are helping to protect NHS Staff in hospitals,medical centres and ambulance control rooms. Smart temperature and automated 24 hr sanitiser protection, are just some of the features available.
03 December 2020
Helping Business Return to Work Safely
With a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic now underway, a lot of businesses are facing difficult times ahead through lockdown, having to adapt their business practices to continue operating safely and with as little disruption as possible.
09 November 2020
CiFi Torch and PPE
A re-usable Face mask only worn once. See what we find using the CiFi Torch...
03 October 2020
New Kid on the Block
There's a New Kid on the Forensic Block Facilities Management and Cleaning Companies have overseen the rise of a new type of CSI - The Cleaning Standards Inspector. Armed with the CiFi Torch, this new breed of CSI is helping to deliver a forensic standard cleaning process, EVERY time.
13 August 2020
Archaeology, Taphonomy.....
Forensic Investigation Torches are already changing how crime scene locations are investigated, now other sectors are benefiting from their power and quality. 
11 August 2020
North East Ambulance Service
The WorkSAFE Station is an important layer in the Covid-19 prevention strategy for North East Ambulance Service.
10 August 2020
Is Your Work Safe...
Keep your work place safe, with the WorkSAFE Station
10 August 2020
British Super Bike Racing is BACK
@CTForensics are looking forward to keeping @bikedevilracing the safest team on the track, at the restart of @OfficialBSB   The WorkSAFE Station has smart temperature control, artificial intelligence & 24hr hand sanitiser, to help deliver a Covid FREE environment
30 July 2020
The Cifi Torch locates Traces
The CiFi Torch has the unique ability to locate bacteria, organic matter and biological traces, (which are not visible to the naked eye), even in bright ambient light conditions. Thus proving effective in Covid prevention strategies.
30 July 2020
Coronavirus: Johnson pledges extra £3bn for NHS to prepare for potential second wave in winter
17 July 2020
Restaurants, Coffee houses ...
Have you opened back up to the public yet? Check out our photos first...
10 July 2020
Pubs, Clubs and Bars
What does the bar area REALLY look like? The CiFi Torch enables you to see what is NOT visible to the naked eye.
10 July 2020
Forensic Investigation Torches
CopperTree Forensics light sources are a vital addition to any cleaning or facilities management service. #Forensic #Technology #InfectionControl
10 July 2020
CiFi Torch v COVID-19
Read What Industry and Academic Experts Are Saying
09 July 2020
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
The World famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who pioneered Class 4 Laser use in forensic investigations, have delivered an in depth validation report on CopperTree Forensics Laser product range. 
08 July 2020
UK R & D Roadmap
The UK is internationally recognised for our leadership in research, the excellence of our scientific institutions, and the innovation in our economy. We can proudly claim to be the nation that gave the world the steam engine and the jet engine.
08 July 2020
Wellbeing Care Home
Care Homes were thrust into the news headlines this year with almost half of all COVID-19 related deaths stemming from Deaths of its residents. The sad reality of the Virus meaning that the most vulnerable of our society were also the most susceptible to the horrific effects of this virus.
08 July 2020
The Forensic Investigation Torch
Total Trauma Cleaning have the full package.....
07 July 2020
Rugby Club + CiFi Torch
Spartans Rugby Club are working with CopperTree Forensics, to ensure the safety of its members, players, club staff and supporters, as Rugby looks to make a safe return. 
06 July 2020
Care Home + CiFi Torch
Care Group Leads The Way On Infection Control - CopperTree Forensics linked up with the Well Being Care Group, to provide a forensic screening of its Broughtons Care Home after a recent COVID outbreak. 
16 June 2020
Walsall School + CiFi Torch
Walsall School Leads The Way On Infection Control - CopperTree Forensics linked up with Delves Infant & Junior School, to provide a forensic screening of the school before its return today - 15th June. 
15 June 2020
New - Cleaning Inspection-FIT
The Cleaning Inspection Forensic Investigation Torch is a versatile, easy to use Torch for use across a variety of sectors
04 June 2020
Forensic Investigation Torches
East Midlands Hygiene, trial CTF's Blue FIT
05 May 2020
'Bedroom Forensics'
Stephen Murphy our BD Director Interviewed here by Alex Iszatt for ‘Bedroom Forensics’ YouTube Channel. #CrimeScene #LightSources
01 May 2020
01 May 2020
Client Testimonial
Equipment & effectiveness that sets you apart from others in both the specialist cleaning industry & waste sector. CSI, NHS and Care Home Managers - Our Latest LED light Technology Locates more human biological traces at crime scene and supports targeted forensic cleaning.
20 April 2020
Sexual Assault Referral Centre
SARC's cleaning protocol using the Forensic Investigation Torch - Blue Light
06 March 2020
Coronavirus v FIT's
Forensic Investigation Torches are proving an effective support in the fight against the Coronavirus........
04 March 2020
Fire Service College
CopperTree Forensics support the Fire Service College with various light sources, including Forensic Investigation Torches and 1KM Search Torches. The new Forensic ‘White Light’ is earning rave reviews, especially post fire. The clarity and detail it provides at the most severe of scenes, is widely regarded as peerless. #Training #CrimeScene #FireInvestigation #Forensic #Partnership #RaisingStandards
24 February 2020
Fire Scene Investigation Training
Merseyside Fire Service Training & Development Academy
13 February 2020
Winchester University
CopperTree Forensics, visits Winchester University to deliver a Blue FIT-LED to one of two prize-winning Universities who submitted entries for our competition.
10 February 2020
University of Portsmouth
Prize Winner of the competition to win a Blue Forensic Investigation Torch for the University. Dave Tremlett (Forensic Custody Nurse) submitted an excellent entry to win the light source for the UOP. 
04 February 2020
Forensic White Light
IT Data Recovery Service discover the FIT
13 January 2020
Staffs Uni - FIT-LED Presentation
07 January 2020
HM Crown Prosecution Service
20 December 2019
FIT-LED Torch Supports .......
Case Study - FIT Lights Support Safe Asbestos Removal - "The clarity of the white torch was far superior to the beam emitted from any other torch previously used, which in itself inspires confidence in any clear-up operation".
17 December 2019
Kent Police Training College
FIT-Led Torch Demonstration Exhibiting CopperTree Forensics, new White Light Technology...
13 December 2019
New Technology
New Technology Raises the Standard of Investigations & Service to Victims of Sexual Assault.
11 December 2019
Forensic Investigation Torch
CopperTree work with Total Trauma Cleaning.....
02 December 2019
UK Forensic Students
Win a CSI Light Source for your University!
02 December 2019
Forensic Investigation Torch
CTF are donating 2 FIT-LED's - Could it be You?
27 November 2019
CSoFS 2019
"What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger"
25 November 2019
Violence Against Women
White Ribbon and UN International Day
25 November 2019
IAI - Reno - August 2019
CopperTree Forensics managed to steal the show yet again at the IAI in Reno USA. The CBRNe Laser was launched to great acclaim from attendees including the US Military, FBI and DEA. A world first, this dual wavelength Laser for crime scene or Laboratory use can be submerged in water and completely decontaminated.
04 September 2019
National Citizen Service & IGC
Students and CSI Workshops - Sponsored by CopperTree Forensics
31 July 2019
Toronto Police
Forensic Identification Training - CopperTree Forensics launch our Forensic Light Sources to the Canadian market
30 May 2019
Forensic Europe Expo-2019
Thank you to everyone who came to see us at Olympia last week
11 March 2019
CSoFS Conference - 2018
To receive great feedback about new innovations and research is wonderful at any conference, but to get such positivity from academics and practitioners alike at the CSOFS, was truly humbling.
05 November 2018
Staffs Uni host Presentation
CopperTree Forensics light source presentation to the EMSOU
17 October 2018
IGC Forensic Training Seminar
Integritas Global Consultancy (IGC) Forensic Training Seminar at the Fire Service
21 September 2018
UKAFN National Conference
We had a great day at this event giving everyone an insight into our Forensic Light Sources.
20 September 2018
Launch in the US
Forensic professionals from all over the world visit San Antonio to share latest crime fighting technology
08 August 2018
Forensic Europe Expo 2018
CopperTree enjoyed another successful show at Olympia, where we launched the new DB-Ultra+ and SARCS-LED products. Game changing products such as the SARCS-LED (Sexual Assault Rapid Crime Scene-LED) the first...
15 April 2018