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    CopperTree Forensics

    An Innovative leading supplier of high powered, portable, Forensic Laser and LED Systems.
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    USA Launch - August
    NEW - Personal Issue Torch
    October Trial dates available
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    Forensic Investigation Torches (FIT's)

    Designed in collaboration with
    UK law enforcement and forensic practitioners
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    CBRNE - Laser
    Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear defence + Explosive
    A water resistant Laser - watch this space!!
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    Long Range Torch
    With a Search Beam of up to 1KM
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    Disposable Covers
    CopperTree Forensics - helping to remove the risk of cross contamination between each crime scene examination. safe, sterile, disposable and secure covers.....
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    A high powered hand held laser,
    delivering impressive power + clarity
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    Latest news
    View the latest products and keep up to date with industry developments
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    Upcoming Events 2019
    CSFS, 31 Oct - 1 Nov-19


Supporting Forensic Crime Scene Investigation Through Collaboration & Innovation

Upcoming Events

                              CSFS - Autumn Conference - 31st October - 1 November 2019 



Forensic Evidence

The basic principle for Forensic Evidence is “every contact leaves a trace” and specks of blood, fibres or fingerprints become silent witnesses against the criminal.

Expert Consultation

The CopperTree Forensics team have been identified and recruited for their skills and experience in Policing, Forensics, Design and Engineering giving you full access to a unique range of experts.

Fluorescence Examination

Our lasers and LED light source products, fluoresce human biological traces at micro-litre levels. Each light source has wavelength quality and power not available from other light source options.

What’s Next

CopperTree Forensics have as range of options that will suit your procurement, operational and budgetary requirements. Contact us to discuss the purchase, lease or field test of our products.

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