Personal Issue Torch (PIT-LED)
This Torch is a FIT white light but a personal issue version of its bigger ‘brother’.

This personal issue white light torch, forms part of the Forensics Investigation Torch range.

It is small in size and stature, but big in power and clarity.



The CSI ‘must have’ light source, has x2 power settings to meet the demands of every crime scene scenario.

PIT Testing 

>Our continuous use testing has had and continues to have excellent results.

>Power Setting x 1 @0.4w – 2 Hrs continuous use before battery died

>Power setting x2 @0.125w – 7.5-8 hours continuous use before battery died


Q: The PIT Torch heated up during first test (completely normal) but then to cool down before the test concluded.   After approx. ½ hour we started           the second test, and the torch had still not heated up and was still cold to touch.  The power and clarity remain consistant.


During the second test (over 7½ hrs continuous use) the torch did not heat up at all and remained cold to touch throughout the testing. 


The PIT "cooling system" is the external surface.  For the first time of use, the PIT heats up from the inside then the surface helps to cool it down, that's       the "secret" design.  It is quite small in size and does not continue to heat up after first time use, as you would expect it to.


Warranty Period: 1 year




 Those specs are light reflecting from microscopic particles which normally cannot be seen  by the naked eye.....see more>

 Naked eye                                                                            Using PIT-LED


 Foot Print                                                                              Tyre Print