Forensic Investigation Torch (CSI Range)

​​​​​A range of powerful single wavelength LED Light Sources designed and built in collaboration with UK Law Enforcement.  
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The Forensic Torches can be used in any location and are currently being used in a variety of medical facilities, Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCS) and general offices.  The FITs provide targeted cleans with recommended cleaning agents.  Combine this with a follow up screening of the environment post clean, and ensure human biological traces are removed.

The torches work outside the UV spectrum and are completely safe for users and staff in the locality. 

Read what the the CSI's say about our products in the field

  • Utilising the most up to date LED technology, effective at short and mid-range, providing a tighter band width closer to laser light quality, but without the health and safety concerns.  The blue and green lights form a square for grid type scene searching, with even and shadow free illumination.  
  • The range includes a white light for general search purposes, which has been designed to provide power and clarity in illumination not previously available in crime scene light sources.  The CopperTree Forensics white light illumination has intensity at short and mid-range which can be adjusted where required, dependent on the crime scene conditions and to enable high quality images to be taken.  Each light source in the range has been designed to work effectively to locate traces in conditions where daylight and/or polluting light cannot be blacked out.
  • The FIT range of torches are available individually or in sets with goggles, camera lens, chargers and protective carry cases.
  • Features Include;
    > Grid search light source
    > Each FIT-LED is supported by high power intensity enabling use at light polluted  scenes.
    > Each FIT-LED has a higher quality individual wavelength closer to Laser quality without H&S concerns.
    > Rugged, compact design.
    > The FIT range has restored CSI faith in LED Light Sources worldwide.
    > The unique features of the FIT range enable CSI teams to save crucial time and money.

    Technical Details: (Measured using spectrometer LM-SPC-01)

     A Single wavelength range of;
    > Blue at just over 4W and a wavelength of 437- 458nm with peak at 450nm
    > Green  at 1W  and a wavelength of 510 - 540nm with peak at 520nm
    > White Light with a wavelenght of 405-490nm with peak at 445nm

  • > UV light at 1.5W and a wavelength of 365nm
    > Weight: 1.070 kg
    > Size (mm): 26.8 mm
    > Cordless operation
    > Battery: 16.8v / 2.6Ah lithium
    > Battery life: 90 minutes continuous use
    > Supply Voltage: 110v – 240v


    Enables specific enhancement for the detection and inspection of:
    Biological stains and body fluids
    Hair and Fibres
    Gunshot Residue

    Warranty Period: 1 year

Pictures taken, using the 445nm and 520nm Forensic Investigation Torches

    What Flouresces? 
     a) Pigs Teeth,                    bEar Wax,                 c) 600 Year Old Pelvic Bone

    Pictures taken using the 520nm Forensic Investigation Torch 
                                   WINDOW CILL                                                                           CARPET