Light Source Technology - Don’t just listen to what we think of our ground-breaking Forensic Investigation Torch range, here are some comments from CSI professionals using our new FIT-LED lights live at crime scenes.



     CSI Manager Feedback from field use of the Forensic Investigation Torch Range

     "The results achieved were remarkable. The projection range (distance) is notably enhanced allowing

     the operator to provide power and clarity in illumination not achieved by the current torches we are using."


     Test conditions: Crime Scene - Potential Sexual Assault 

     Single occupant male teenage bedroom.  Room in complete darkness consisting of a double bed on which

     was a double cotton quilt, including other bedding.  CSI stood in doorway conducting an initial visual

     assessment of the room across the entire bed at a range of approx. 3 metres.  

     The supplied protective glasses were used. 


     Assessment Result 

     The Copper Tree Forensics Green light (Green 510 - 540nm with peak at 530nm) permitted the operator

     to stand in the doorway of a bedroom and literally “scan” the bedroom with the torch which produced

     fluorescing stains at a range of approx. 3 metres.  The operator captured the image using the issued

     Nikon camera (live screen) and was able to continue using other light sources and write notes still with

     the glasses on, an improvement over the competitor Goggles which need to be taken off in order to

     perform other duties"


     Feedback report from CSI as part of a force trial.

     "I understand you’re looking for feedback in relation to the CopperTree Forensics Crime Lights (FIT's) that

     we’re currently trialling in the CSI office.  Both myself and ####### used it at a rape scene in search of semen

     on Sunday and it was fantastic! It’s great that the room doesn’t need to be completely dark when you use it as

     sometimes total darkness obviously isn’t always possible to achieve at scenes. Secondly, it fluoresced everything

     incredibly clearly and with great detail including the tip of the swab which made us confident that we had obtained

     a suitable sample.  We have also tested it in the CSI office and could see ridge detail in hand prints on the wall.  

     The goggles are also much better to wear and ####### said they fitted very comfortably over her glasses. 

     Pleeeeeease can we keep them?"


     Feedback from CSI Manager, regarding the use of our new Forensic Investigation Torch (White Light - 425nm) in the field.

     "The white light torch illumination quite simply is outstanding! The torch produces an intensity that at short and mid-range provides

     a level of clarity that far exceeds any other “crime light” currently issued. Several members of staff have had the opportunity to

     experience the torch and utilise it at a variety of crime scenes. All the feedback has been positive. The variety in which crime scene

     conditions vary, would benefit significantly from having this torch. It even allows the CSI to search scenes in daylight or where polluting

     light cannot be blacked out."


     Feedback from a CSI attending a Crime Scene in a prison location, using CopperTree Forensic Investigation Torches for the first time. 

     "I used them today for a scene in the Prison to search for bodily fluids.  They are fab, so much easier to use than other lights.  They seem

     to be a lot stronger and the lens is a lot larger giving out more light.  The fact that they can be used without complete darkness is great

     (as I wouldn’t have been able to examine the cell otherwise).  Although it might be circumstantial in this incident there was a large amount

     of areas which fluoresced strongly, I haven’t come across this sort or reaction with the other crime lights.  The new ones seem far superior."


     Feedback from CSI regarding daylight usage.

     “I have used the crime lights on two occasions, and I find them really good,

     not only can you use them in the day light, but they are a lot easier to use

     in relation to be knowing what googles to use etc.


     Force comparison test between currently used Competitor Torches and CopperTree’s Forensic Investigation Torch Range

     Both sets of crime lights can be utilised to enhance the same crime scene stains and their applications are virtually identical.  

     Operating times are more beneficial with the current competitor torches, but the results produced by the CopperTree products are

     significantly better.  The torches combined with the glasses (over goggles) were easier to use and potentially offer a quicker detection

     locating stains/fibres/other due to the power output and enhanced range capability etc. This report whilst not fully comprehensive or

     scientifically based, favours the CopperTree products as the results produced were immediately apparent to the members of staff

     who had a short time to trial the equipment.