CopperTree Forensics Launch the Vacuum Metal Deposition System at the FeL Conference

                                      Thursday 13th October 2022



A new product launched in the Summer of 2022 and different from the traditional Vacuum Metal Deposition Systems, the E&T series adopted a brand-new design in both appearance and internal structure, and the most advanced technologies in the deposition field have been integrated.  


For the first time, the automation of the deposition program is a ‘one-button’ feature, which can achieve the best ‘streakline developing’ effect even if the device is operated by less experienced Operators.  The conventional substrate deposition program is built into the equipment, which can be used through settings, to realise deposition automation. In addition, real-time monitoring of the development on the substrate and thickness.  The deposition thickness can be adjusted for different test materials and the deposition standardisation can also be used using the default recipe.






For the development of potential fingerprints  on all material substrates permeable, semi-permeable and impermeable, to include:


  • Rain soaked substrates, condensed by water vapor or soaked in water for a period of time.
  • Substrates as old as 10 years
  • Substrates sensitive to temperature, such as thermal paper
  • Substrates where soaking for developing should be used, such as, the substrates with soluble dye.
  • Some rough substrates, such as wood, leather, silk fabrics, brushed metal surfaces, etc.


Sensitive fingerprint developing which cannot be completed by other methods