SGL7 Laser


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A high end laser, with high power, portability and results at every crime scene.   A single wavelength laser, operating at either 445nm or 532nm for maximum forensic validation. 
Option 1:  445nm @ 10W  
Option 2:  532nm @ 8W

Available as a two way powerful class 4 switchable laser with the portability required to carry to the scene of a crime.  The product has a high specification lens to maximise the see through clarity.

Technical Details:
• Single wavelength of either 445nm or 532nm
• Radiant power from this class 4 laser:
    > 8W@532nm or 10W@445nm
• Weight: 7.3kg
• Size(mm): 320x125x165
• Cordless operation
• Battery: 25.2v / 15.6Ah lithium 
• Battery life: 240 minutes continuous use
• Supply Voltage: 110v - 240v

Minimum 3-500 charge cycles Deadmans finger and Remote Interlock

Additional options:
Enables enhancement for the detection and inspection of:

Biological stains and body fluids
Hair and Fibres
Gunshot Residue

Supplied with: protective foam lined case, 2 pairs each of appropriate goggles, camera filters, Charger and Power Supply

Warranty Period: 2 years