DB-Ultra Forensic Class 4 Laser



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Available as a two way switchable laser of compact design with the portability required to carry to the scene of a crime.  The product has a high specification lens to maximise the see through clarity.

The DB-Ultra  is a high-powered hand held Laser, the size of a smartphone, with trigger and battery pack to extend the usable time between recharging.  The trigger pack is an ergonomic design that eases the use of the device.

Technical Details:
• Switchable wavelength of 445nm or 520nm
• Radiant power from this class 4 laser, with a choice of 2 power units;
    - 6W @ 445nm and 2W @ 520nm 
• Weight: 0.74 kg
• Size(mm): 182x55x65
• Cordless operation
• Battery: 16.8v / 2.6Ah lithium
• Battery life: 90 minutes continuous use
• Supply Voltage: 110v-240v

Minimum 3-500 charge cycles
Deadmans finger and Remote Interlock

Additional options:
DB-Ultra+ (Trigger pack) wich includes addition battery packs to extend the usable time between recharging.  Trigger pack is an ergonomic design that eases the use of the device.

Enables enhancement for the detection and inspection of: Biological stains and body fluids
Hair and Fibres
Gunshot Residue

Supplied with: protective foam lined case, 1 pair each of appropriate goggles, camera filters and charger

Warranty Period: 2 years