L577 Forensic Class 4 Laser



With a wavelength of 577nm@5W as the basic single platform, this high powered class 4 Forensic Laser has additional LED and Laser wavelength options.  

Weight – 5.9kg

Dimensions – 26cmx15cmx13cm

Power – 5W

Wavelength – 577nm

Divergence - ± 0.5nm 

Battery Life – Normal Usage  2.5hours

Additional Battery Pack -   2.5 hours

  • With the combination of both batteries, delivering up to 5 hrs of investigation outside of the lab.  Mains & Battery Operation


The L577 delivers more power than any other 577nm on the world market, but in a smaller more compact design . Perfect for staff to use comfortably from scene to scene. Built in a sturdy aluminium casing, to withstand robust scene use and intrusive cleaning practices.  Therefore extending the lifespan of this flexible Class 4 Laser.


The NEW Spectrum 577nm can become a 577nm+ turning it from a single wavelength, into a dual or triple wavelength option.                                                                                                                                                        


Spectrum+LED - 577nm + LED (choose 1) 
 > 365nm@3W or 405nm@3W or WHITE light

Spectrum DL -  577nm + Laser (choose 1)  
> 445nm@10W or 470nm@2W or 638nm@2W or 520nm@4W

Spectrum TL -  577nm + Laser  
> 445nm@10W and 520nm@4W