CopperTree Forensics linked up with the Well Being Care Group, to provide a forensic screening of its Broughtons Care Home after a recent COVID outbreak. 

Amanda Collins is Manager of the first Care Home in the UK to incorporate a forensic screening process, to support the safe return of staff and residents to all areas of the home. 

Before the screening took place, the Care Home was given a deep clean as part of a layered approach to ensure safety. 

The forensic screening was then carried out using the new CiFi Torch (Cleaning Inspection & Forensic Investigation Torch) from CopperTree Forensics. 

It highlighted that the quality of the deep clean was good, but the CiFi Torch did identify areas that required further attention that could NOT be seen with the naked eye.

Our report highlighted that the main areas of concern related to soft furnishings, and walls that did not have wipeable surfaces. Both had retained high levels of bacteria and biological traces. 

The Care Home has now replaced material covered chairs, removed unnecessary soft furnishings and initiated a process to clean infected walls. 

In addition it is now using the CiFi Torch as part of its daily cleaning protocol. 

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