War Medal Investigation -


An investigation of stolen War Medals, some dating back to the Battle of Waterloo, has had a significant breakthrough.  CopperTree Forensics were approached to supply the White Forensic Investigation Torch, to provide clarity not available in other white lights.

The original owners details had been removed from the medals by various methods, and replaced with false details.

The FIT White has since been able to identify original names, regiments and army numbers, only visible with this intervention.

Pete Merrill (Former Head of Forensic Science & Technology NCA) said, “The Forensic White Torch from CopperTree Forensics, provides clarity I have NEVER seen before in any other White Light.  It has helped us to identify detail we had failed to ‘see’ with other methods, and prevented the need for an acid clean on the medals.  We can now start the process of reuniting the medals with the families of the genuine owners”

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For more information on this ground breaking Forensic White Light email - ctfsupport@coppertreeforensics.co.uk