The Toronto Police Forensic Identification Training Conference, organised by the Toronto Police Service, took place from 28th May to the 31st May 2019 at The Grand Hotel & Suites in Toronto, Canada. 

CopperTree Forensics were very proud to exhibit our range of new generation Laser and LED light sources, to a very enthusiastic conference. 


Police and Forensic services from across Canada were in attendance and the feedback to our latest design innovations was truly remarkable.  CopperTree’s ability to work with Law Enforcement agencies across the world, has ensured we continue to produce market leading light sources. 


From the power and portability of the DBL8, to the ergonomic design of the DB-Ultra+, and to the clarity and quality of the Forensic Investigation Torches (FIT-LED's), the conference welcomed CopperTree Forensics as a new and trusted Forensic partner.


Thank you Toronto, Canada.