Spartans Rugby Club Lead The  Fight Against Covid-19 

Spartans Rugby Club are working with CopperTree Forensics, to ensure the safety of its members, players, club staff and supporters, as Rugby looks to make a safe return. 

They are the UK’s first Rugby Club to introduce a forensic standard cleaning protocol, to its club house near Bassett’s Pole, Warwickshire. 

The CiFi Torch - is the latest Forensic Technology to address the issue of Infection Control.  It locates biological traces and bacteria, not visible to the naked eye.  This enables a forensic standard clean every time, from the dressing room to the club house. 

President - Roger Green said, “Spartans main priority is the safety of everyone at the club, this is why we have taken a number of measures (including forensic technology), to ensure a safe environment. ”

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