CopperTree Forensics deliver new generation forensic equipment worldwide, but we are equally keen to inspire the next
generation of forensic scientists and CSI’s. 


The CSI & Forensic Workshops delivered to students on the National Citizen Service, have been a huge success. 


Well done to all the participants this week particularly given the extreme heat that really tested their metal!  The training
has i
dentified future forensic scientists and CSI's in the making. 


Thanks for the continued support of CopperTree Forensics for the use of the phenomenal Forensic Investigation Torches (FIT's),
Silverlake Automotive Recycling for the provision of the vehicles, Joe Mulhall of Sheerspeed Shelters for the incredible 8m x 4m
Forensic Tent and Stephen Brownlie and the team at Fareham Innovation Centre for the logistical support.


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