Forensic Investigation Torches - Forensic Cleaning




Stephen Murphy, Business Development Director at CopperTree Forensics, presenting the Forensic Investigation Torch range to Jim Gildea, Darren Fox, Marion Meadows, Ewart Lewis- Total Trauma Cleaning- an NACSC Rapid Response Team covering Hampshire & surrounding areas. 


Within hours of the presentation Jim’s team has been called to clean up a very serious crime scene. 



Jim Gildea - Managing Director (Total Trauma Cleaning) 

“Thanks Steve a great presentation and an awesome bit of kit. We actually had a shout a couple of hours after you left us and we put the kit to use straight away. After surveying the scene with our standard use UV gear we were able to take the time to re- survey using the ‘Forensic Investigative Torch’ kit, - (recording results as discussed). It’s awesome, we will be purchasing the kit after we conclude the field testing”