CopperTree Forensics visit the Fire Service College

CopperTree Forensics support the Fire Service College with various light sources, including Forensic Investigation Torches and 1KM Search Torches.

The new Forensic ‘White Light’ is earning rave reviews, especially post fire.  The clarity and detail it provides at the most severe of scenes, is widely regarded as peerless. 

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The Fire Service College receives about 6000 learners a year and also around 100,000 visitors.
The business is split in the following way;
1/3  UKFRS
1/3 International FRS and Civil Defence (Police  and military)
1/3 Wider Market  --  this includes UK Police (inc MET SO19 and SO15), Ambulance – NARU and HART teams, MOD, Military – land inc SF,  US SF, Highways England, Environment Agency, Major utility companies, Securitas – all of these are large and regular contracts.  Plus any number of smaller organisations and individuals.