Infection Control & the Forensic Investigation Torch                                                                                                              

CiFi Torch (Cleaning inspection – Forensic investigation Torch)

A Mountain Healthcare/NHS medical examination room was grid referenced for control purposes, to identify the location of any permanent marks/stains which were noted. This provides a definitive picture of what is permanent and what is a new trace that requires cleaning.

The CiFi Torch was able to highlight issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye, which had not removed by the environmental clean. This Included fibres, biological traces, bacteria/dirt, and cleaning fluid residue which had all remained in place.

The inset pictures were taken with a filter that ‘tunes’ the camera into the specific wavelength of the CiFi Torch, and so the images highlight a variety of traces located within the examination room as outlined.

The CiFi Torch is simply click and go.....