Description: Sterile bags, R-NASE, D-NASE, DNA and pyrogen free, meets USDA and ACIA industry standards and made with FDA compliant material.  

Each bag is 7.5” wide x 15” long, 3 mil thick with a two round wire closure.  Supplied as 1000 bags per case (4 x 250).  Each case is 16.25’’X13.25’’X13.50’’ and weighs 26 lbs.

The sterile bags are made from extruded virgin polyethylene at temperatures up to 200 ° C.  The polyethylene tube manufacturing process is done by extrusion and the internal tubing is never  exposed to the external environment.  This ensures the bags sterility up until the point at which it is opened by the user.  The sterility of the manufactured bags is controlled by periodically sampling and analysing various production lines.  Independent testing has confirmed that the sterile bags remain sterile for at least five years if they are not opened. Manufactured in an  ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.